Create a new set list

From the song library page, click the 'new set list' button.

Chordle song library - click on the new set list button

The set list panel will open up with an new, empty set list. Drag and drop the songs that you want in the set list onto this panel. Important: as you make changes to your set list, it is automatically saved - you don't need to do anything to make this happen.

Chordle edit set list - drags songs onto the set list

Give the set list a title. If you know when you'll be playing the set, select the date as well. This will help you find the set list later on.

Chordle edit set list - specify the set list details

If you need to change the key or capo position for any of the songs, just click the song you want to change, and alter the values accordingly. You'll see a preview of the changes as you make them.

Chordle edit set list - configure the key and capo position for songs

That's it - all done. You can play the set list immediately if you want by pressing the 'play set list' button.

Chordle edit set list - play the set list