OneDrive Syncing

What does OneDrive syncing do?

Two really great things:

  1. It backs up all your songs and set lists in your OneDrive storage. If you lose your device, or reinstall it, you won't lose your data.
  2. If you own more than one device, all your songs and set lists are automatically synced between them, so there's no longer a need to keep exporting and importing manually.

How do I turn syncing on?

Simple - open Settings from the charms and select "OneDrive Syncing" - from there, just sign into your Microsoft account and syncing will start.

If you have a very large song library, it may take a while to complete the initial sync - subsequent syncs will be much faster.

Can I try out syncing without paying for Chordle?

No, sorry, syncing is only supported in the paid version of the app.