Exporting songs and set lists

You might want to export one or more of your songs or set lists from Chordle, perhaps to share with someone else or just to back them up.

Exporting songs

  1. Open Chordle
  2. Enter song selection mode: 
  3. Select the songs that you want to export - you can select all your songs by pressing CTRL-A on the keyboard or by clicking the select all button.
  4. Click on the Export button. If you want to just share the songs with another computer or person that also has Chordle installed, use the "Export selected songs" option. If you need to share the songs with someone who doesn't have Chordle installed, you can export the songs to Microsoft Word format.

Exporting set lists

The process is identical to the one described above for exporting songs, except you should go to your set list library first and select the set lists you want to export.