The ChordPro Format

What is ChordPro?

ChordPro is a file format commonly used in song book apps. Rather than writing songs with chords written above text, like this:

Verse 1
 Am       C
Alas my love,
       G         Em
you do me wrong,

Chords are placed inline with the song text, surrounded by square braces ([ and ]):

{sop:Verse 1}
A[Am]las my [C]love,
you [G]do me[Em] wrong,
to c[Am]ast me off so di[E]scourt

Other bits of metadata, for example the start of a song section as in the example above, are placed in curly braces ({ and }). These are known as "tags".

ChordPro in Chordle

When editing a song, you can choose Chords above text and ChordPro format - it's not possible to mix the two within a single song.

Converting an existing song to ChordPro

If you already have a song formatted as chords above text, you can convert it to ChordPro by clicking on the Text tools button and choosing Convert to ChordPro.

Formatting songs in your library

When formatting songs section using ChordPro in Chordle, the main tags you will use are:

  • {start_of_part:name} or {sop:name} - Indicates that a new section is starting, e.g. {sop:Verse 2}
  • {end_of_part} or {eop} - Indicates that a section has ended
  • {start_of_chorus} or {soc} - Can be used instead of {start_of_part:Chorus}
  • {end_of_chorus} or {eoc} - Ends a chorus section opened with {start_of_chorus} or {soc}
  • {start_of_tab} or {sot} - Indicates a block of tablature text. When viewed in a song these sections are displayed in monospace font to ensure that the lines of tablature text align correctly.
  • {end_of_tab} or {eot} - Indicates that the block of tablature text has ended.

You can also add comments to your song using:

  • {comment:comment text} or {c:comment text} - adds a standard comment to the song text
  • {comment_italic:comment text} or {ci:comment text} - adds an italic comment
  • {comment_box:comment text} or {cb:comment text} - adds a bold comment

So the song text:

This [A] is a test {cb:shouting}  [D]SONG! {ci:although perhaps not too loud!}

is displayed in Chordle as:

Importing and exporting songs

When importing and exporting, Chordle also reads/writes the following tags:

  • {title:song title} or {t:song title} - the title of the song
  • {subtitle:text} or {st:text} - depending on your configured import settings, this will be imported as either Artist, Copyright or Alternative Title. When exporting this always contains Alternative Title.
  • {capo:number} - the capo position the song is written for.
  • {key:key} - the key of the song. If this tag can't be found in a song when it is imported, Chordle will attempt to infer the song's key from the chords in it.
  • {artist:text} - the song Artist.
  • {composer:text} - a tag that can also be used to specify the song' Artist.
  • {tempo:number} - the tempo of the song, in beats per minute.