It's easy to get started

Chordle is free to try, just install it from the Microsoft Store and take a look. Then it's just one in-app purchase to unlock all the features and it's yours forever.

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Chord Transposition

Quickly transpose chords to new keys or capo positions - you can even use a different key for a song in each set list you create.

Visual Metronome

Specify the tempo of a song for a visual metronome to help you start and stay at the right speed.

Chord Diagrams

Automatically generated chord diagrams. View multiple variations of the chord and save your preferred one against each song.

Works For Bands

Play in a band? It’s easy to share a set list - keyboard players will see uncapoed chords, guitarists will see the capoed versions.

Online Song Searching

Search web sites within the app to quickly add a new song to your library

Alternative Song Titles

In a church band? You’re probably used to songs having alternative names. Songs are shown and searchable for with both titles.