Song presentation formats

Chordle has two different approaches to displaying songs, and they have different benefits:

"Fit song to screen" mode

This is the default mode, and in it Chordle will arrange all the sections of a song in the best possible way such that they all fit onto the screen. This approach means that you don't have to scroll around to find the part of the song you're currently playing, however for songs that are particularly long Chordle has to shrink the text down so that it can all fit on the screen. Some people choose to refer back to earlier sections of the song when they are identical, e.g. by just writing "Chorus" instead of repeating all the chorus text again. This isn't to everyone's taste though.

Scrolling mode

When playing a song in scrolling mode, you can start playing by clicking on the play button at the top of the screen - this is also where you can adjust the scrolling speed.

Once you have found your preferred speed for scrolling a song, you can save it by pressing the save button that appears at the bottom of the screen:

Note that if you are in full-screen mode, you'll need to click the "song tools" button before you can see the save button:


You can also use a footswitch or keyboard shortcuts to controll scrolling, including playing and pausing and changing the scroll speed.

Switching between presentation formats

Open the settings pane:

Toggle this option to switch between modes:

You can also adjust the default font size on this settings pane. Chordle will try to fit all the words onto the screen and will make every effort to match your required font size, but if they won’t fit it will scale the font down to the best fit. This can occur even when scrolling mode is turned on - if an given line is particularly long Chordle will have to scale it down to fit, and all other lines will be scaled down by the same amount.