Editing a song

In Chordle you can edit songs that have chords above lines of text, like this:

Or in ChordPro format:

You can even use Text Tools to convert between the two:

Song titles

Each song in Chordle can have an main title and an alternative title. When searching for a song in your song library, a song will appear listed twice, once by the main and once by the alternative title. You enter and edit the song titles in the first two boxes at the top of the edit song screen, as above.

Song text and song sections

Chordle will apply different coloring to sections, but you need to indicate when a new section starts. You can do this by using different headings, e.g.:

  • Verse, Verse 1, Verse 2, etc.
  • Bridge
  • Chorus
  • PreChorus, Pre-chorus
  • Instrumental, Interlude, Solo
  • Ending, Outro, Refrain
  • Intro, Introduction

If you do not specify a section heading for a given section, Chordle will assume that it is of the same kind as the preceding one.

Other song data

You can also store the artist and copyright information for a song. When playing a song this is shown at the bottom on the screen, and is also optionally exported with Microsoft Word documents.

Song keys

A song has two keys. The first is the key and capo position that the song is written in - this should be automatically detected by Chordle when you first create the song, but you can adjust it yourself if need be.

The second key, shown under the song preview on the right, is the key that you prefer to play the song in. This key is used whenever you play the song, or add it to a set list.


You can optionally tag songs - these can be used to categorize your songs however you like and can be used to filter songs in your song library.


The tempo of the song controls the metronome flash and is recorded in beats per minute (BPM). Either use the slider to adjust the tempo, or tap out the tempo that you're after using the tap tempo button: